Mapset means saving due to its low execution time. Design, Create and Convert mainframe files through our dynamic interface.

1. Advanced Editor

A new, innovative and dynamic tool that helps you edit screens in different mainframe coding languages. Just draw through our Drag & Drop interface and summarize a several days job in just minutes.

Advanced Editor

2. Files Conversion

With Mapset, we automatically generate HTML files from existing BMS by using the standards of your institution. Create Projects and upload BMS files.

Files Conversion

3. Different File Formats Generation

In addition to generating HTML files from your BMS, you can also download in plain text your designs created by our editor.

You can even generate PDF reports of your BMS designs to be evaluated and accepted by other people.

Different File Formats Generation

4. Analytics

You can track the events in your projects and therefore have a measurement solution that provides statistics on the use of your files and the participation of your team members.

Analytics reports help you to clearly understand how your team members behave so you can make decisions that help you optimize the performance of your teamwork.


5. Speed

Mapset is 15x faster than conventional methods or any other tool available. It is very easy to use without being a COBOL or CICS expert.

Last Updated: 8/3/2018, 12:47:51 AM