Getting Started

Getting started is not complicated and only takes few minutes. Feel free to follow the steps below and maximize your initial experience.

Create an Account

You need an account in order to use Mapset. You can sign up for one at

You can sign-in to the site immediately after successful registration: The sign-up process creates the user account and locks the user account until the user confirms the account by clicking on the account confirmation mail sent to the email address specified during registration.


Remember to check your Spam folder if you don't see the account confirmation mail in your inbox.

Create a Team

After you confirm your Email Address, you need to create a Team. The system is designed so each user has a singular account which can be reused across multiple teams.

Just fill the form with the Team name you wish to use.


You can create up to 10 Teams. If you need to create more than 10 teams, please contact us.

In every Team you create you can find 4 main sections:

  • Home: Your Team Analytics goes here. Analytics reports help you to clearly understand how your team members behave. More info here.
  • Projects: Projects allows you organize your mainframe files. You place in projects your BMS and Natural files, your HTML conversions and, DB2 Tables. More info here.
  • Editor: This editor is an advanced, innovative and dynamic tool that helps you edit screens in different mainframe coding languages. It's a Drag & Drop interface similar to an image editing software, but simpler. More info here.
  • Team Settings: In this section, you can edit your Team Profile, Team Members, access your Team Audit Logs and manage your billing status.

Create a Project

Projects gather all your work in a smart way. Creating is really easy, just click the Create Project button in the Projects section and fill the form:

Create Project

Edit BMS files

Before using the BMS editor (Natural files are not supported yet) you need to upload or create a BMS File. In order to perform these tasks, just use the buttons at the Top Right of your BMS Files section in your project.

Upload or Create a BMS File

Editing a file is really easy and intuitive with our great Advanced Editor, it's similar to create Presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint®. More info here.

Download or Convert

Every design you create with our Editor can be downloaded in Plain Text or as a PDF report and can also be converted to an HTML file.


Downloading your design as Plain Text can be done by clicking the Download button in the middle of Toolbar:

Download a BMS File in Plain Text


It will be downloaded the latest version of the changes you saved.

The downloaded Text file is well formatted, free of errors and cantinas all the elements you have in your design. You can download here an example of the kind of file you can get through our Editor.

PDF Reports are also easy to generate, just click the button next to the Download button. It's important that you set the right name and the logo of your Team in the Teams Settings Section because these values are used in PDF Reports as you can see in the next example:

BMS/PDF Report

HTML Conversion

The process of converting BMS files to HTML it's easy and can be fast or take several seconds depending on how many BMS files you want to convert at the same time.

This process takes three steps to generate a ZIP file with your conversion: 1) Selection of the BMS files you want to convert, 2) Confirmation of the Selected Files and 3) Wait for the conversion process to finish.

Last Updated: 6/13/2019, 8:18:18 PM