The projects gather all your work in a smart way: BMS files, HTML Conversions, and DB2 tables.

Creating one or more projects is very easy, just click on the Create Project button in the Projects section and complete the form, indicate the name and a description (optional). The project will be created and available immediately.

Create Project


You can create as many projects as you wish, in addition to giving or restricting access permissions to other members of your Team.

Work Areas

When creating a Project, you will have access to 4 Work areas or main sub-sections:

BMS Files

In this area all the BMS files are available. You can search them, open them in the Editor or you can create or upload new files.

Natural Files Not Yet Available

Like the BMS Files section, you will have access to all Natural files that have been created or uploaded. You can search them, open them in the Editor or you can create or upload new files.

HTML Conversions

A historical list of all the BMS/Natural to HTML conversions made is displayed. You can download previous conversions, as well as go to the HTML Conversion Process.

DB2 Tables

In this Area, the fields of the Relational DB2 Tables to be used in the BMS or Natural File Editor are available.

Upload and creation of BMS Files

In the section BMS Files you will find all the BMS Files of your project. You can search, delete, create, upload and rename those files without limits.

BMS Files List

Uploading BMS Files

You can upload BMS files located inside of a ZIP file. To start uploading you have two ways of doing it: 1) Dragging the file and dropping it in the shaded area or 2) Clicking the or Search button.

Uploading BMS Files

Uploading and processing the BMS files can be instantaneous or last a few seconds depending on the amount of file you send. Upon completion of the uploading process, your files will be available in the BMS File Table so you can start your editing or other action you may want to perform.


ZIP files must not be larger than 5MB and must contain at least one valid BMS File.

Creating a BMS file

Creating a new BMS is simple, just click the Create BMS button. The only requirement is to indicate a name that has not been used by another file and that does not exceed 7 alphanumeric characters. After confirming this name, you will be redirected to the Editor so that you can proceed to design your new BMS File.

Create BMS

DB2 Tables

The DB2 tables, like the BMS files, can be searched, deleted, loaded and renamed with the exception that they cannot be renamed.

These DB2 tables must be in TXT format and have a valid format. If you want more information about their right structure, you can review the IBM documentation.

These tables can be used by the Editor and allow the fields you create to have that extra information.

Last Updated: 8/3/2018, 12:47:51 AM