What is Mapset?

Mapset is a new, innovative and dynamic tool designed for managing screens in different mainframe coding languages. You can draw through our Drag & Drop interface, generate a new BMS from scratch or any other existing BMS and generate HTML code from BMS files in seconds.

Mapset means saving due to its low execution time. Design your BMS without the need to worry about errors thanks to the validation system. This identifies errors quickly and easily.


Mapset comes with some new, innovative features that make it a unique product in the market:

1. Cloud-Based

It allows you to design and modify BMS’s from our Cloud-Based System and then generate the associate HTML in a graphic, dynamic and safe reliable way.

2. Inexpensive

This innovative product reduces the design and modification time of a BMS. The final product is completely free of errors. With an exponential learning curve, reducing training costs. "That mean savings to your company".

3. Faster

Mapset is 15x faster than conventional methods or any other tool available. It is very easy to use without being a COBOL or CICS expert.

4. File Convertion

With Mapset, we automatically generate HTML files from existing BMS by using the standards of your institution. Create Projects and upload BMS files to them individually or massively. Simplify operations with BMS files.

Last Updated: 8/1/2018, 3:00:50 AM